Eco Footprint & Sustainability


Planet Earth gives us the gift of life everyday and never stops amazing us with its immense beauty and strength. The least we can do is take care of the “home” we share and give back all the good it gives us.
We live in a time where environmental awareness is growing considerably, therefore it’s our duty to adopt sustainable practices so that together, we can make the world a cleaner and safer place for us and for future generations.

At Drope, we value environmental concerns and we honour our sustainability commitment, implementing it through a variety of actions:
– All of our shipments are 100% plastic-free
– All products are shipped in environmentally friendly packaging, made from recycled materials
– We alert all costumers to the importance of recycling packaging when it’s time to throw it out
– When it comes to production, in order to minimize fabric waste, we reuse all leftover fabric and use them to make small accessories to offer our clients

In addition to being an environmentally conscious company, we also care about sustainable trade and therefore continuously strive to support the local markets:
– All raw materials are of Portuguese origin and production is made in Portugal
– We support several small companies in the textile industry to help the growth of those who need it

Such actions not only provide a positive work environment, but also boosts our economy and the joint growth of all businesses.

If everyone does their part, we will make our planet a better place. Small actions make all the difference, so we are counting on you to leave a positive mark.
Together for a greener and better world. 💚

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