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The Elephant Freedom Project is a non-profit organization located in Sri Lanka that aims to help protect elephants and promote nature and environmental conservation in the region. In this place, they really make the difference!

The organization is against elephant tourism that involves exploiting the animals for profit. Thus, the sanctuary is dedicated to rescuing and caring for elephants that have been victims of abuse, exploitation, or are injured. For those who support this cause and want to know and learn more about their conservation, the Elephant Freedom Project provides ethical tourism experiences where you can see these animals in their natural environment and interact in a respectful and safe way, because as they say: "Elephants always come first".

Drope is a brand with values connected to sustainability and social responsibility, so we wanted to collaborate and understand this reality by following the routine of these animals for a day, in order to better understand the concept of this project and the conditions in which elephants live.

We left this experience more complete and connected to this cause, because elephants are, without a doubt, incredible beings!

In order to help the Elephant Freedom Project and make a difference, we count on your support through sharing and donations, so that together we can make this world a better place.

To learn more about this project, please visit the website:

Drope together with Elephant Freedom Project appeals to you not to contribute to any kind of animal exploitation.

You can make your donation via the bank account details or at the checkout of your Drope purchase!

Donate to Elephant Freedom Project:

Bank: Peoples Bank

Branch: Kegalle Branch

Account Number: 027200196499161

Account Holder: EMCS EKANAYAKE