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Save the oceans

At Drope we value the environment very much and we honor our commitment to sustainability by carrying it out through different actions and one of the most important is recycling.

In the production of some bikinis and swimsuits we use recycled fabric from fishing nets removed from the oceans.
It is extremely gratifying to know that through a small gesture we can not only help in the depollution of the oceans but also contribute to the protection of marine life from one of its biggest enemies: Fishing nets!

How do we do it? ♻️

It all starts at Healhty Seas, an organization that, through collaborations with the fishing industry and the help of volunteer divers, collects nets that are lost at the bottom of the sea.
Once caught, the nylon fishing nets, are recycled and turned by Econyl into yarn for the fashion and interior industries. Econyl then supplies the yarn from the nylon nets to our fabric suppliers.

This fabric is then used by drope in the production of our bikinis, which our customers wear with such affection 🐠

8 million tons of waste is lost in our oceans every year and 640,000 tons of fishing nets are abandoned at the bottom of the ocean. This kind of data indicates to us that if there is no change in behavior, by 2050 the sea may contain more trash than fish. A shocking reality, right?
This is why the work of organizations like HealthySeas is so important! Since their founding in 2013, they have managed to collect 515 tons of fishing nets and make it possible to reuse them!

As a brand, we are proud to work with companies that supply recycled materials, as we believe it is essential to adopt sustainable production practices that will make a significant difference in the short and long term.
Protecting the planet is our common duty and if everyone does their part, we will be able to create a better future! 🤍